Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just Random Rambling...

Been a long busy week ( with two more days to get through before I can enjoy a day off ), in a month full of endless MONDAYS. Seriously... everyday things keep happening and people keep saying that it feels like a Monday.

Today's biggest 'Monday' fail didn't hit me ( knock on wood), it hit a coworker. She'd just finished making a tray full of  chocolate pudding cups and was taking them to the freezer... when she dropped half of them on the floor. We all laughed it off since we've ALL been there before, and it takes experience  and or cheating, to get that long skinny tray packed full of pudding cups into the awkward  freezer. I say cheating, because I've learned the easiest way to do it without losing any, is to load them onto a bigger tray for the trip, and then transfer them over to the little tray INSIDE the freezer. Anyhow, since none of us told her any of that before hand, or even thought to warn her... splat. We joked, and since she'd mentioned 'camp nicknames' in a previous conversation, I suggested we change her name to Dropsy.
She manages to get the surviving pudding cups into the freezer and the not so lucky ones cleaned up.. and I pass her as she's carrying a few forgotten ones back towards the freezer a few minutes later. I'm at the oven when I hear a little noise followed by a heavy sigh.. and I yell back ' tell me you did not just do it again.' ... no answer, so I thought I'd just imagined it. A few minutes later I look over to see her heading back towards the freezer with a handle full of paper towels and this resigned look on her face.. yes, she had dropped them again lol.

This sort of thing has been happening EVERYDAY this month, to SO MANY people around me, including myself. I've just reached the point where I just do my best to get through the day without it collapsing on top of me, and find a way to enjoy the humour in these things while I can.

I have a few Halloween 'projects' on the go - a repaint of my ugly old trick or treaters bowl - it used to be grey and purple with skull-faces around the outside. It's currently been spray painted a solid black and is waiting for me to decide what to do next. No matter what I decide on... it'll end up looking better than it started. I'm also doing a repaint of a skull goblet. It was in a bag full of goodies from my brother and sister in law a year or two ago for my birthday, and it was full of candy ( they got it at the Dollarama but I don;t remember seeing them in the store this year ) It was originally white and black and rather cartoony looking... it too is now completely black... and no, I have no idea what I'm doing to it next... we'll find out when I do it :D

I may have mentioned an awesome blog called Epbot. If you've never been, CHECK IT OUT! Jen and Jon are just great people, with amazing gifts when it comes to 'creating'... everything from cool little steampunk ray guns, to amazing  cosplay costumes, to insanely talented interior design. Seriously, they do it all, and they are funny and just way too cute :D

Last year Jen posted a tutorial on an eyeball wreath she made for Halloween, where the flowers of the wreath all had eyeballs for the centers. I made my own version with little skulls in the center of my flowers - a design I plan on redoing when I find a better wreath base.  This year, she made this and I have all of my bits and pieces to make my own :)  I wanted blue lights, but all they had there at the time was orange or purple... so PURPLE! I got my skull at the Dollarama before hand, because I didn't remember seeing any that big at the Dollar Tree, and plain hollow plastic skulls have been hard to find this year... so aside from a slightly different skull and the purple lights... I might actually be sticking closer to her tutorial this time. Maybe. We'll find out anyhow :)  I think we all know how I am with following directions ;)

I also have another project that has been keeping my kitchen door propped open in the cool weather, and  Bowie sitting in the living room  barking and twittering at me ( did I mention all critters inherit a dose of crazy when I take them in? It's true... any normal they had before hand , whoosh, gone ). I found these bags of 'sea' glass at the thrift shop, there was six or so of them, but I only bought three ( yes I know, I'm still kicking myself over not getting them all ). I knew right away I was going to use them to make some windchimes for xmas gifts, and got busy sealing all of it and making it sparkle.... and then immediately regretted sealing ALL of it since it would have looked better to have had a mix of frosted and clear... so... I might be sanding off some of the clear coat. Nothing like undoing your work because you got the idea too late *sigh*.

My kitchen/painting studio is even a bigger mess than usual because I have my halloween craft stuff on the floor in front of my easel, along with my halloween treats, ( no pumpkin yet though) and the case for my mini aircompressor... that I need to figure out how to get working properly so I can get the airbrush  and do some painting with it... Too many muses making too many projects.. and it's only a week or so until November and I still haven't nailed down a plot for this years NanoWrimo novel! ( I have done one every year, but I never got around to adding the last few to my nano account... I decided I'd add them once my word count bet my previous best... two years I never got that far, and last year I did but I forgot all about it since I hadn't updated anything there for a while >.< lol Maybe I should start a new account... I distinctly remember having my ghost book listed and previewed on the site, but it's not listed among my novels, and I don;t have any record of having another account aside from the combo one me and my honorary lil' sis used the one year we won... two of us writing together, so we doubled our word count form the normal 50,000... and reached it :) and the stupid story wasn't even finished at that point either and it has since settled in beneath the dust of ' still needs a massive amount of work done to it before it's finished' along with most of the rest of our nano's.

As for jewelry, hey I DID start an owl themed bracelet :) It has the chain, the clasp, and the owl all attached together... and I have plenty of little 'charms' and dangles ready too... just need to sit down and tackle the job of attaching them all.

Just not feeling it tonight.

Tonight I'm just watching a bit of tv, writing this post to keep myself on track, and beyond that I haven't decided. Think it's a hot chocolate night ( for the record, the past few nights have been hot chocolate nights ), but tonight's hot chocolate needs to be special.. like, my Mexican Leprechaun kinda special ( for those not on fb, that's a drink I created for St. Paddy's that my local coffee shop shared -  mexican hot chocolate with a helping of Bailey's irish cream. It's really good. Since it's autumn, I could shift it to a pumpkin spice latte or cappuccino with baileys, instead... hmmm.... yup, that sounds like a plan :)

Go make yourself your favorite hot drink and snuggle in to watch movies or tv, or read a book...  I'll catch you next time  WITH PHOTOS of some of the things I mentioned this time :)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Catching up Part 2

Yes, after SIX ATTEMPTS... my emails to myself finally made it through. Well, just the one email... several copies of it are still in limbo.

At any rate, I now have photos to share! lol

So, as I mentioned, I've had mentions of interest in owl themed jewelry lately... so I printed out some Michael's coupons ( a miracle in itself since my printer was possessed LONG before the ipad was and rarely cooperates), and headed up in search of some owls.

I already had a few, but I was out of my itty bitty silver ones... Michaels has two different styles of itty bitty silver owls... one was gorgeous but expensive... and I decided my coupons were better used on others, so I got the cheaper, not so awesome ones. I'm keeping an eye on the sales though.. just in case.

So, now that I'm armed with owls, ready to see all of the owl jewelry I've made?

Well tough toodles, because I haven't actually made ANY owl stuff yet >.< LOL  I have the beads, and the designs, and all the bits all ready to put together... but I was distracted... first by SKULLS...

two pairs of skull earrings for ME :D I've had the skulls for ages now.. the top pair is green sea glass skulls that I got from Znet. 
The little gold skulls were part of a gift from a friend a while ago, and have just been waiting for the right beads to go with them.
For the record, I have an entire bag of skull beads, clasps, and charms, of all different styles and materials... at least a third of which were gifts. They're all just waiting for inspiration to strike for me to create with them... although I've been debating on making a display case to show them off until I do lol

 Here's a picture of the green glass skulls where you can sort of actually SEE the skull's features.

And then, once I'd satisfied the need to be distracted by Skulls....

................ I was distracted by these gorgeous peacock beads I bought, and the need to make this...

I went with a brass chain, and used up a bunch of little swarovski crystals to make several little chain dangles. It hangs high, just shy of being a choker, and a very simple design, but I love the way it turned out.

So maybe I'll be able to make some of those owl pieces now :)

In non jewelry creating, I've been doing some painting lately, and while I've started plenty, I've only finished one...

That's a 16 x 20.. something or other.. canvas... and it's all done in splatter paint... with a toothbrush and a nail brush. The black was super quick and easy... the green  took forever and my thumb hated me for it. I'd envisioned bigger splats, but ended up with a fine mist that could be mistaken for an airbrush... so I'm nabbing my brother's old airbrush for any future designs like this lol I have the small compressor and the adapter for it should be arriving monday or so... I'll try not to let the new toy distract me fomr the owls for too long... unless it's to paint them... Ooo... owl painting.....

damn it >.< lol  first the muses won;t speak up, and then they won;t shut up... lol

I'll share some more jewelry pics in my next post, but for now I'll end this with a wee video clip showing you all... my new phone. this was taken at my mom's house where we tried it out lol... I still have to clear off my cabinet to make room for it.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Catching up Part 1 & 1/2.. aka... the haunted ipad

Yeah... the haunted iPad...

 well... iPad Mini.

I'd planned on this being some more photos of recent work, and few of my older pieces that I can't remember if I shared or not... BUT...

... the haunted ipad had other ideas.

Some of you might be in an FB group called 'Fans of Epbot' ( and if you're not, you probably will be once you go read some of the Epbot blog... it's FABULOUS ). If you are, then you might remember a comment made concerning my ipad and some of it's hi-jinx. At least, I'm fairly certain that was where I mentioned it.

Anyhow, I shall 'introduce' you  to my new 'friend'.

My brother repairs phones and ipads and such, and while he's cut back to just doing phones now, while he was doing ipads, I managed to get one from him. He'd been planning on fixing it up and giving it to me for my birthday, but I ruined his plans and bought it off of him first.. very cheaply. For just over the cost of  new screen, I got my ipad mini. No clue about who originally owned it, or what they did to it that they traded it or sold it to my brother, but it was now mine and it was great.

... for awhile.

Or at least, I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary until about a month or so ago.

I have my google docs app on it and do some reading and writing on it while I can, as well as fb, and couple little time wasting games, including WordTrek ( which my dad constantly takes over whenever I visit).
I noticed it first with WordTrek... the letters would suddenly start to 'type themselves', or the screen would flip up or down as far as it could... or go white. And I kept finding websites entered into the browser that no one had entered. THAT I'm fairly sure was just my dad accidentally hitting the ads at the bottom of the screen while playing... same as at least half the 'white screens'. 

The letters typing themselves and the scrolling up and down... no clue. My only idea on it is a messy or screwy screen...?

Then it started doing in when I was in docs. I'd be editing or writing something, and all of a sudden random letters would be typing out and the cursor would be zipping all over my screen... the page would be scrolling wildly, or zooming in and out.

Incredibly irritating, let me tell ya.

It even started doing it on fb, although it seems to be focusing mostly on my writing in docs - which I should point out is supernatural in genre, and my favorite, and current main character.. is a necromancer. Coincidence? Eh.... the screwy screen theory isn't so good when it's only happening occasionally in just the one program... when the majority of the content concerns ghosts and such...

Anyhow, you're probably wondering what that has to do with delaying the blog post. First, no, I do not write my blog posts on my ipad, or post them from my ipad... I wouldn't have a clue how to even begin figuring that out. HOWEVER, I do take photos on my ipad, and need to get those photos onto my laptop so they can be added to my blog... and everyone keeps saying to use the cloud... I do use a cloud, I use the google docs cloud all the time... but the icloud is a different one and I have no desire to have to figure out how to juggle various things between different clouds...

.. and that sounds very strange if you don't know what the kind of cloud I'm referring to is... but oh well.

My method of transferring photos between ipad and laptop? email.

... although it just dawned on me now that I USE THE GOOGLE DOC CLOUD ALL THE TIME... just like I said... I could add PHOTOS to my docs and then save them to the laptop from there >.< *headdesk*

Sorry, it's been a slow/off brain kinda month so far...

where was I? Oh yeah.. emailing my blog photos to myself.

So, worked fine last time. No problem.  This time... they have become lost in the vastness of the interwebs...

For some reason, my email account when used on the ipad, offers an autofill for my one gmail account... with the 'nickname' of Holidays in Canada when I click autofill. It's MY email address, fully and completely, no misspellings, or differences at all... aside from the odd 'holidays in canada' nick that I have no clue where it came from... my account has the nick of 'Skye' attached to the email addie, so...

When I sent the first three emails to the autofill one and they didn't arrive... I sent them again without clicking the autofill.... and they still haven't arrived....

So when /IF they arrive, or I figure out how to add the photos into my docs app and share them that way, I will continue with 'catching up part 2'.

In the mean time, I think I'm going to write a story where my necromancer exorcises a possessed ipad in hopes that my little gremlin will get the hint and leave my emails alone, at the very least.

 I may also need to decorate my plain ipad cover appropriately... skulls and ghosts...
.... maybe the anti-possession charm from Supernaturals...? I haven't watched the show in forever... hmm... nah, I'll stick with my skulls and spooks... maybe a gremlin or two... Might as well make it feel at home, right?

I'll catch you all again later... my turkey stew is smelling wonderful and I need to go eat some of it.

...and if you're reading this on your ipad... keep an eye on it... just in case it's contagious ;) buwhahahahahaha :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Catching Up part 1

yes, you read that right...PART 1.

Hey, it's been two years... even doing next to nothing requires some 'updating', right? lol

I had planned on doing this post on Sunday, but I didn't have time between work and heading to my parents place.

 Monday came, but I decided to wait since I wanted to add some photos.. and it was overcast and 'rainy' ( although I use the term loosely.. it was more of an all day mist than an actual rain).

Tuesday arrived... and I forgot all about wanting to take the photos and write the post, so here we are. WEDNESDAY .. and I've taken the photos only to realize that I took way too many to stick in one post... and don't want to risk getting lost playing with picmonkey or one of it's 'cousins' by making collages. It would've been posted this morning, BUT my ipad was giving me a hassle about moving the photos, and then I was having issues with the blog itself... I'm blaming my mom's internet connection...>.< lol

Maybe for part 2 I'll collage some... we'll see. I may end up doing this in 3 parts... two for jewelry catch up/ review, and 1 for painting... not that I've accomplished much there aside from 'starting shit'.... I'm really good at 'starting shit'... lol

So, how about a 'me' update to start? Yeah.. that works... here's me now :D Well, actually it's year or so old now, but I still look the same anyhow...

I'm still a baker, although now I'm the head baker, and am learning management crap alongside the actual management trainee. I turned the management position down, and yet... I'm still getting the training anyhow. 

Back when I was posting regularly, I had a couple cats and a bird.
 Xander the youngest cat, I gave up because he'd started picking on my older cat. Just shy of a full year later, my older cat, Pit, passed away due to kidney failure. About six months after that, my bird, Jo passed away as well... just one month shy of his 30th birthday. 
My place remained critter free until a few months ago when Bowie moved in. 

Bowie was originally named Joey, but since I'd had MY Joey for 29 years, I couldn't bring myself to call this one by the same name... so since he's a big music fan, he became Bowie. The fake green bird in the background there is Buddy... he's a motion sensor that chirps... and that Bowie alternatively cuddles up and twitters to... or beats the crap out of, depending on his mood. He's become very talkative, and imitates crows, dogs, and squeaky toys... Seriously... he makes a very believable squeaky toy noise that has made my dad's dog Sissy, very unhappy with him... she thinks Bowie stole her toy and is hiding it in his cage.

The issues I was having with my joints, especially my elbows, wrists, and fingers, have cleared up, but then I haven't been working with my tools much, which means less strain. I'll need to make sure I don't over do it now that I'm back to making jewelry.

Speaking of which, I did mention that I'd finally made a bracelet - the first complete piece of jewelry I've made in... hmm.. over a year anyhow.

A mix of blue glass and stones, and silver charms. I don't know why it ended up being all blues... usually my 'charm' bracelets like this have at least two colours in them, plus the metal... but this one insisted on being all blues.

I'm afraid I didn't take a finished pic of the owl set I gave my friend, but I did take a pic of a similar set when it was finished. These were probably the last bits of jewelry I made, aside from my vintage button earrings.

and here are some of the vintage button earrings I made. I made a pair with blue and red drops, and a knotted rope motif on the button itself, but I kept those for myself :)

Well, hopefully, I hadn't posted about any of that before I 'went off the air', so to speak. Hate to repeat myself, but I'm too lazy to backtrack and see what I did or did not cover back then >.<

I'll post up a collection of some of the other things I've done, or am doing, in the next post :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Out of the depths...

Yes I know... that was one hell of break between posts, wasn't it >.<

Sorry for the long absence. My muses went on a hiatus, and it left me in a bit of a funk. For the last year or so I've barely touched my tools, despite keeping them close at hand in case I felt the need to create. Indeed, a couple weeks ago I wanted to make a pair of earrings to go with a necklace, and I couldn't find my round nose pliers... and then I couldn't find the ear wires I wanted. I did finally find them, and I have beads picked out and ready, but the urge to play left again :(

I keep getting earring- making urges, but have the itch to make another big, full, blingy charm-style bracelet... and then I twist back to the earrings... and then necklaces... and then bracelets again... I just need to grab onto an idea and MAKE IT lol

I'm going to try to remedy this soon. The ideas are starting to pop up again, and if I want to get them out onto my work table, I need to get my work space ready so I can just sit down and DO, instead of spending my time searching until the urge dies. My brother gave me two HUGE hard cover sketch books for my birthday, and I think one will  assigned to jewelry. I did a few doodles of ideas in the past, and I think it's something I should get back to... the only problem is, when I think about using one for jewelry ideas... I want to decorate that plain black cover...paint it, add some texture, glue some bling on it...All of which I musts go dig out, and then clear a work space for... then decide where to start... lol  See? The chaos emerges into a very distracting tangle that ends up accomplishing nothing but making more of a mess for me to find my way out of or around. I think the decluttering and cleaning needs to be dealt with first, so I at least have that work space ready, and have at least a vague idea of what I have and where it might be >.<

In my last post I shared some pics of my button jewelry sets I was working on. I did get a few done with chains, and the owl one I showed, has found a home :) I attended a little get together  a few weeks ago, and since a few of us always fall back to wine for a hostess gift, I'd decided her wine cellar must be stocked to over flowing by now.. so I thought I'd make her something, muses be damned! She loves owls and I know I have some owl charms and beads; in fact I made her some owl wine charms for Christmas ( I might have pictures somewhere... I usually take them even if they don't get shared here). Anyhow, as I was trying to remember what all I had and what I could do... I remembered these button sets, and the fact that two sets were owls... and THIS one seemed to be destined to be hers :) At the time I made it, I was just choosing colours that I thought looked 'right' with the buttons, BUT... I learned afterwards, that the colours I chose were her favourites... plus, OWLS... lol  She loved it!

That reminded me why I enjoyed making things, and sparked things again, so hopefully I'll get my desk area sorted out and ready to work on again soon :)

In the meantime, I've been playing around with a bit of painting again... I keep getting ideas, setting up and starting out... and then my ideas get railroaded by others, or outright derailed >.< I've picked up some different sizes and styles of canvas to work on, along with some new paints, and set up my easel in the kitchen where I have more room and light.

My 'knitting' has died right off... I swapped from the smaller size looms to a wider one, and it takes longer to finish a round... so I don't see as much progress as I work on it... so I get bored with it >.< lol I have one long strip that was meant to be the start of a blanket - it would take about four stitched together. It might end up being a really long, really wide scarf >.< LOL

As we can all tell by this post, my rambling is still in working order  >.<.

I just felt the need to stop avoiding my blog and put it out there, that I am still here, and just a bit more bogged down by the chaos part of life and struggling to bring out the creative part... but I AM still here, and hoping that getting back into the habit of sharing the struggles and creations here, will in turn invite the muses back :)

I will post again soon, hopefully with some photos of things that were finished while my blog was dormant, or maybe even some new projects.

Autumn is MY time of year after all, and it does inspire me... so cross your fingers for me ;)

Oh, and guess what? I grew FINGERNAILS!! I've struggled my entire life with nail biting, and the past couple months I've managed to grow fingernails... long enough I've had a MANICURE :)  ...I've also had a couple pedicures (one was a gift) and an eyebrow shape and tint... I'm turning into a 'girl'... it's horrible >.< LOL

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Obsession

Well okay, so 'obsession' it's not... really... well... LOL maybe a bit at first ... lol

Oh and YES, look! Two blog posts withing the same MONTH!! Whoohoo! And not only that, but the month is not even half over!!

I know... I'm rather astonished as well...

But enough of giving in to the shock of the unexpected blogging ;)  I figured I'd share a new 'thing' , and tell a bit about what I've been up to, in between visiting the Bead Hoarders hop list from my last post... yes, I'm still hopping... you guys should know if the list is longer then twenty blogs, I'm not doing it in one day... or possibly even one week... lol The problem is that all the pretties blend together until I can't remember who made what... and I'm buried under 'ideas' until I just can't take another step on the 'hop path'.  I know there are those who feel similar, so at least now you know you're not alone :)

Anyhow, the other night I went to a retirement party for a coworker, and rather than give her a specific piece of jewelry I took a small selection and told her to choose the one she wanted. For those on my FB list who saw me post of the 'necklace' that morphed into a pair of earrings... those were the ones she chose :)
note- this pic was taken before I changed the ear wires to a simple oval style instead
And that was despite the fact she doesn't wear green, she just loved them too much to NOT choose them :D  I was fairly confident that she'd go for the blue goldstone pair, since she wears a lot of browns, and despite my saying she could have two pairs, she decided to 'be strong' and just took the one... at which point other coworkers wanted to see what I made. By the end of the night, I'd sold three pairs of earrings and a necklace. I was also told that I should take that little case with me all the time... and one lady told me I needed a bigger case ;) lol  Needless to say, it was a wonderful boost for my creative 'ego', which is never sure if people will like my stuff well enough to buy it.

I am really glad that I decided to do it, and had the foresight to get some change that morning at the bank. I'll be toting along my little bag from now until Christmas at least... the case of jewelry is in one pouch, money for change is in another, and a whack-load of little black organza bags is in the third. I'm considering whether or not to move it into a bit bigger bag and add a small kit with tools to be able to do quick adjustments, just not sure I want to carry it around too ;)

That night when I got home, I found my one of my stashes of finished pieces and filled the empty slots, then set aside a bunch I wanted to either change, or add to. Last night I added some little bits to three 'charm' bracelets I'd made ages ago, but never fully finished. No pictures taken yet, but I really like the way they turned out, and I doubt I'll have them long once I offer them for sale. I'll try to have pics taken of them for next time. All three are on nice thick silver-tone chain, with glass bead dangles and hook clasps so they can be adjusted if needed. One is blue, and I added a few little silver snow flakes and owls. The green glass one has a few little silver leaves and roses, and the purple glass one has silver dragonflies and fairies. Why? Because I felt like it ;) lol 


You want to see them now?

You don't want to wait until whenever I decide to post again?

Well... I suppose you have a point.... gods only know when this blogging bug might bite again...

 Hang on while I go grab the camera, play photographer, then pop them through fotofuze to fix the back grounds.




Still waiting?

:D hehe .. okay, here they are :)

 Didn't they turn out pretty :) The blue and the green I did first, and since the headpins had nice big heads, I didn't even think of adding anything on the ends... Apparently I used all of those nice big ones though, because I remember having my purple beads slide right off the headpins when I started it, and that's why I thought of adding the silver spacers to the bottoms. Now I wish I'd put them on all of them, but I refuse to  redo all of that just for that itty bitty bit of muse-poking; they're beautiful as is, and I tested each bead individually to make sure there was no way it was going to come off that pin.

The green tested me, since usually when I think 'green' I think 'gold' or 'brass' ... silver and green just doesn't bite me as a usual combo... however, I was out of gold chain at the time I had the desire to make these, and when I tried, I found I rather liked it. The leaves and roses make me think 'summer' which also leans towards the gold tone... but despite that, I love it the way it is with the silver :) See? I pushed myself away from my usual and went with something different.. and it works :D

 Oh yeah... I never did tell you about that obsession thing I started to write this thing for, did I? Well, I have pics to go with that too, so...   how about I do that ? That would be a good idea, huh? lol

So a couple weeks ago I was out doing some Christmas shopping and I discovered a new store had finally opened, so I popped in. They had the cutest wooden buttons that immediately demanded I buy them and make jewelry with them. It'd looked like each pattern was on one large button and two smaller ones... perfect for pendant and matching earrings :) When I got home, I discovered that the two smaller ones where actually different sizes >.< So... I went back and got another pack of each, then sorted them out into sets of three, tossing in beads to match, and getting right to work in cutting wire and choosing components. Everything went into a container with compartments, so everything for each piece was all in one slot. I recommend doing this whenever you get the ideas for something and know EXACTLY what you want to put together, but don't have the time to get right to work on them :) I know if I hadn't done this right away, they'd have ended up stuck in a drawer or bin somewhere, forgotten :(

 Here are the ones I have the earrings and pendants made for.

For this one, I went with antique brass wire, and grey/purple tones.Those are greyish-purple Czech glass leaves, with one grey, and two different shades of purple crystals.

The next one, I went with silver artistic wire, peachy streaked Czech leaves, and a mix of crystals in green, peach, and a dark purple. Sorry about the slightly blurred pic... I was too lazy to find my stand for the camera and move to set it up right >.< lol

This one is the first one I put together. Silver Artistic wire with blue, white, and purple crystals, and a blue glass faceted teardrop.

I'm still debating on the chains for them... so far I keep going back to a simple chain, with a few beaded links to tie it together.  Either that or a cord, instead... although, since I have two sets of each pattern, I might just do one on a chain, and one on a cord :) Satisfy both sides of the muse ;)

Huh... you know, I just realized that all of the crystals, clasps, head pins, silver charms and beads, and the czech glass used in  all of these pieces in this post... all came from Bead Box Bargains... I guess I'll have to go share these pics on their fb group page, too :)  The larger glass beads were bought locally, and I have no memory of where I got the chain... but it's possible it came from BBB too... I'm just not sure >.<

I have several more to do yet, some of which are partially done and just waiting for me to finish off adding a bead or two, and others are waiting for me to find where I hide my gold toned 20g wire to make the pendant... if I can't find it soon, I'll have to figure out an alternative method using the headpins instead, since I KNOW where they are ;)

Oh, and I'll have to do another post soon to show you the fun I was having playing with resin, assorted metal bits, and nailart sprinkles :D SPARKLY!! :D heheh... but that can wait for another time ;)

Hope you enjoyed this extra little post with lots of pictures and things that I actually managed to get MADE :)  Maybe when I manage to completely finish my button jewelry sets , as in chain/cord and all, I'll offer one up in a little giveaway to celebrate :)  Any one interested? ;)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop.

Like most creative types, I have my own little 'hoard' of treasures.

Well, alright... actually I have several different hoards, since I have many creative interests... >.<

However, THIS is about one type of hoard in specific... BEADS. More to the point, those 'special' beads that were bought on a whim... or for a very specific reason or idea, but were never actually used. Those beads that get taken out and looked at, touched, teased by ideas of 'what if's' and 'maybe if I's, but always end up put away again unused. They usually reach a point where you're no longer sure if you 'can' use them simply because they've been a part of your collection for so long...

Lori Anderson of  Bead Soup fame, has challenged us to dig deep into our bead hoards and put some of those treasures to use at long last.  Luckily for me, this was a challenge that I've been trying hard to do all year long... and yet, while I've managed to use quite a few of my special art beads... most of them were newly acquired and barely had time to become part of my hoard >.<

For the past month I've been considering what ones to use for this challenge. I have a little set from Grubbi beads that I bought a few years ago with an idea ... that vanished by the time the beads arrived, and have since been in two different 'bead soup' possibles, and have lost out on going both times. I could certainly use them... have plenty in the colour palette right here within arms reach...

I could also definitely use some of my Skye Jewels treasures. All of the beautiful tiles I've bought form her over the past couple years, were all bought with a plan in mind... and yet only ONE has even managed to get used and move on to a new home.

.... and I can't seem to find where I put that picture... >.<   NEXT!!

Or my nice little Treewing Studio collection... of which I believe I've used all of two, and passed on one in my last BSBP to my partner, Audrey.

TreeWingStudio's Sleepy Critter Owl

In the one above, I even used some of my Czech flower hoard... yes I have hoards within my hoard.... don't you?

TreeWing Studio Owl.

Another thing I hoard... gemstone chips. I LOVE gemstone chips... I just rarely use them >.< lol And pearls.. another love to collect  yet rarely use.. and in the above piece I used both! so I dipped into THREE separate hoards within my hoard for that one :)

And of my Marsha Neal collection I've managed to use two ...

Marsha Neal Skull pendant, with some assorted gemstone beads
Both of the ones featuring my Marsha Neal treasures, also dipped into my gemstone hoard. Specifically, my black/grey section of that hoard... one of my smallest parts of that collection oddly enough despite the amount of black I use... that particular hoard should be bigger... don;t you think?
Marsha Neal Bat pendant with assorted gemstone beads

And I just shared some of the creations I made using some of my Marti's Buttons n' Beads, and MarlasMudd  treasures in my last post,  and I've got a whole bunch made using my Tori Sophia treasures, but most of those are too new to have been 'hoarded' very long, so I'll save those for a future post.

Now, you've seen all of those before here, so I suppose I should share at least one new piece made using some of my 'oldest' treasures...

Waaaay back when the Blogger/Non-Blogger challenge started at BSC, I won one of the rounds, and Robin Kae Reed sent me a massive pile of treasures as my prize. Most of that little treasure hoard I haven't used at all... so for this challenge I made myself dig into it. Among the treasures were some huge gemstones, some rough cut, some smoothed. I had no CLUE what to do with them to start with, since I hadn't begun to delve into wire wrapping just then. This is one of those stones; An amethyst just over an inch long. I've paired it up with some peacock pearls that I've been saving from my very first bead order. That gorgeous Sari silk there is the last bit left over from my latest BSBP soup.

Well, there you have it. If I do come across that photo of that dragonfly necklace I mentioned way up there, I'll edit it in here, because I KNOW I posted it somewhere... just gotta find it >.<

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my treasures put to use, and be sure to check out everyone elses!

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